Civil Proceedings, whether Claiming or Defending, require a thorough knowledge of the Civil Procedure Rules.  Whether your matter involves claiming monies owed to you, disputing the claims of others or resolving disputes with your neighbours, we can help.

The Legal Rules, –  the CPR – is a substantial and complex series of statutory mines and traps for the unaware or the careless.  We can help.  We have handled virtually every type of claim imaginable – whether it relates to money, land, goods, premissions or refusals.

The monetary value involved is not necessarily a good guide to the complexity of the problems arising and therefore it is a good idea to contact us either remotely (by phone or e-mail) or come and see one of our members of staff for a face to face meeting.  Normally we can assess the problem and issues arising in a short interview of an hour or less.


Civil Claims, however, are placed in categories of Small, Fastrack or Multitrack by the Court System in this country and even if successful, you may not recover all, indeed any, of your costs from an Opponent as part of the result.  On a Small Claims case (value up to £10,000) the only costs recovery available to a winning party are: the issue fee, fixed costs (£80 in most claims) and hearing fee, plus any fee for an expert if required (up to a maximum of £750) and certain miscellaneous attendance and reasonable (i.e. second class) travelling costs.  We will do our best to achieve whatever is possible.

We do not do Publicly Funded work, which is rarely available in this type of litigation.  Our costs are charged according to the work we do at out hourly rates

Recovering money awards

We are experienced in recovering monetary awards to our clients particularly by the use of Charging Orders upon property.  This, however, is Secondary or Satellite Litigation, requiring a separate contract of instruction.


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