We act for Employees only.

Employment matters can be stressful with the looming prospect of loss of job, change in conditions of work or even redundancy or dismissal.

Fortunately, the Industrial Tribunal exists as a forum for the ultimate resolution of any such disputes.

We can help. We have challenged the decisions of Employers on behalf of many clients including those of high profile and those of Public Services.  This requires expertise which we can provide.  Public Funds do not exist to pay for this work but our charges are reasonable and the Tribunal has awarded costs to our clients to compensate.

The most important aspect of this work and the best chance of successful redress and financial compensation comes from early instruction – before disciplinary or internal Employer investigations commence.

The best way to a resolution in this work is by settlement agreement.  As a Firm, we have prepared these for hundreds of clients.

Please see the hourly cost information of this website.


The standard charge for a settlement agreement is between £400 to £800 + VAT each.  We offer a free interview of up to one hour’s duration during which we will endeavour to advise upon the merits of your claim and, if possible, estimate the level of compensation achievable.  Then if you wish to proceed with the claim, our work will be charged at our General Costs Rates.  For more information check our hourly rates.  We will expect you to be responsible for paying all disbursements (costs we incur) immediately upon presentation of our account but will agree to wait payment of our fees until these are settled by the employer (provided that your authorise payment to be made to this Firm)


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