Fraud falls into two categories.

minor fraud

Minor Fraud, such as making false statements to Government Agencies (D.W.P, D.S.S.) are commonly dealt with in a Magistrates Court, or, if the amount obtained or attempted to be obtained is more significant then, in the Crown Court.  These are not usually complex crimes and our procedures and charges are in line with our approach to General Crime.  Again, we only Defend, we never Prosecute, and we do not do Publicly Funded work.  Our charges are determined by the amount of time spent upon your matter and we can give a fairly accurate estimate or costs at an early stage. Click here for information on our hourly rates.

major fraud

 Major Fraud is an entirely different matter.  It will not be triable other than in the Crown Court, is likely to involve complex issues of Law too numerous to stipulate here, will probably involve anything from 1,000 to 400,000 pages of Crown Evidence, and, in order to achieve a satisfactory result for you, will mean 100’s of hours of preparatory work.  This will be very costly but we can give realistic estimates as we are highly experienced in this kind of work.

in depth expertise

Our experiences include an involvment in the longest running (13 months) Committal Hearing in a British Court which led to a 5 month Trail at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey); defending in cases known as “Harrovian” where we were the Leading Defence Solicitors, achieving acquittal for a solicitor; defending clients in “Blue Arrow” and “Bank of America” trials; defending Surveyors, Solicitors, Accountants and Company Officers in Conveyancing and Mortgage Fraud Trials. We have defended in many of the largest Fraud Prosecutions ever mounted by the Crown Prosecution Service and H.M. Revenue and Customs, and our results for our clients speak for themselves.

This is a very complex area of Law.  Significant experience is required to represent those suspected of Fraud, where the investigators, especially at the Serious Fraud Office, are themselves expert in their techniques.  You need help from day one.  Even the investigators can become investigated themselves and we have represented and assisted many.  The fact that those so investigated have in turn put their faith in us is a sufficient recommendation and appraisal of our work.  Our record speaks for itself and there is no substitute for the experience we offer.



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