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We undertake all aspects of Matrimonial and Family Law on behalf of individuals to any form of relationship. Matrimonial and Family Law matters are a substantial part of the Firm’s work.  We understand the procedures involved and will always seek to resolve disputes in the most cost effective manner.


Sometimes these are straightforward. A simple divorce without any complications costs £550 (the court fee payable to HMCTS) plus £750 (our costs) plus Government Taxes (VAT at the appropriate rate).

Emergency Orders

We deal with applications for Emergency Orders (Non-Molestation, Prohibited Steps, Occupation etc.) on a regular basis.  This is urgent work and other client matters have often to be put aside so that priority is given to these applications.  The safety of our clients and their dependants comes first by a country mile.  Depending upon the circumstances, such applications usually involve two or even three hearings to provide the stability for the further court hearings to determine who lives with whom, how often the estranged parent may see their children etc.

Application for Ancillary relief

An application for Ancillary Relief (Financial Provision) is usually in the form of three separate hearings unless common sense, rather than attrition, resolves the dispute.  A lot of money is wasted in Legal Costs where people argue about who is entitled to what – the costs frequently outweigh the value.

Matrimonial Disputes and fees

,We have dealt with numerous Matrimonial Disputes where cases have run to many hearings and very high legal fees.  It does not go entirely into our coffers.  Usually 50% of the Legal Costs goes out in the form of disbursements (costs we incur on our Client’s behalf and have to pay to win).  These include:

  • Court Costs for Applications;
  • Advocates Fees for attending Court Hearings;
  • Expert Fees to establish the true and correct values of the Family Assets;
  • Analyst Fees where drug or alcohol dependency is raised as an aggravating feature.

These can be very expensive indeed and we will always obtain an Advance Estimate and consult with you before engaging.

It should always be remembered that your former partner is now your opponent and has as much right to instruct an Expert to try and refute your allegations as you have to prove them.

All of this is expensive and we will provide a quotation for each aspect of the work or application as it arises.  Click here for information on our hourly rates.

Barrister’s fees can vary enormously, from £1,250 to £2,500 per day but we use only Specialist Counsel who are entitled to charge appropriately for their work.

As we do no Publicly Funded work, it is our practice to estimate likely legal costs for each stage and each application in which we act for you.  That way you can, if you wish, put a cap upon the legal costs you pay, but beware because your opponent (and their Lawyer) may not be not inclined to be generous.


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