The flat rate for a simple Will is from £200 plus VAT (plus Optional Certainty Registration with the National Wills Register fee of £30).

Everyone should have a Will to tell what the Testator wanted done with his/her money and property.  Without a Will, disputes are much more likely to arise and be costly to resolve.

If the Will to be drafted involves Trusts then the Flat Rate will not apply.  We can give an estimate for Drafting Trusts, the cost of which will depend on the complexity of the Trust Deed involved and whether Specialist of Taxation advice is considered useful or necessary.


The costs of our Probate Services will vary according to the complexity of the Estate. For simple matters our fees begin at £3,500 plus VAT and disbursements.

We will provide you with the advice of an experienced solicitor throughout the matter, including: providing initial advice; checking the validity of the Will: contacting the appointed Executor(s); obtaining the necessary information required to complete probate application forms; drafting the Statement of Truth of Executor; applying for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration; collecting in all Estate Assets; paying Inheritance Tax and other Estate debts and expenses and distributing the assets to the Beneficiaries.

For a Straightforward Estate, with an Estate value of up to £150,000 where there is a valid Will and which involves: 1 x freehold or leasehold property; up to 2 x bank accounts; no National Savings or Shares held; no liabilities to be discharged and up to 4 beneficiaries, our fees start at £2,000 excluding VAT and disbursements.

For a High Value Estate, with an Estate value up to £1.5 million involving: 2 x freehold or leasehold properties; up to 10 bank accounts; National Savings investments, shares and/or insurance policies to be realised; Inheritance Tax to be paid and up to 6 beneficiaries our fees will be based upon hourly rates for the work done but 1% of the estate value would be a fair estimate.  We regularly deal with Estates where the value exceeds one million pounds but please note that it can be just as time consuming to deal with an Estate of one hundred thousand pounds.  It all depends on the terms of the Testator’s Will or the number of potential beneficiaries if there is no Will and a Grant of Administration needs to be obtained.


Disbursements payable by the Estate are likely to include:-

  • Probate Court Fees (currently) £279 for an Estate valued at over £5,000
  • Oath Fees £5.00 to £7.00 per Executor
  • National Will Register Search (if necessary) from £126 inc VAT
  • Legal Notices (if necessary) from £200
  • Bankruptcy Searches £2.00 per person searched
  • Land Registry Search Fees £3.00


Costs indicated do not include:-

  • Clearing Personal Items or Property
  • Valuations of Estate Assets which may involve 3rd Party Expert Appraisals
  • Dealing with the Transfer to Beneficiaries or Sale of any Estate Freehold or Leasehold Property
  • Tracing and Genealogical Enquiries
  • Tax Advice


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