personal injury & medical negligence claims

We only act for Individuals and not for Insurers.  Public Funding is not available for this work but a successful claim invariably results in an award for costs to compensate the party injured for costs incurred in achieving an award.

areas of expertise

We can assist you to bring or defend claims for:-

  • Accidents Generally
  • Accidents at Work
  • Accidents in Public Areas e.g. slipping, tripping, or falls caused by lifts, unlit stairways etc.
  • Fatal Accidents
  • Sport and Leisure Injuries
  • Medical Negligence, Dental Negligence, and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Psychiatric Illness

If you have incurred injury from any source, and it was not your fault but someone else’s, then you can come and discuss the prospects of claim with one of our legal team.  We have brought successful claims on behalf of our Firm’s clients in all the above categories.

Whilst most claims resolve without the need of a Court Trial, we have conducted successfully, disputes of both Liability and Quantum (amount) in Contested Hearings.  These are the exception but on occasions are necessary.

Member of APIL

A.M. Strachan is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).  He has conducted claims resulting in awards exceeding £1,000,000 in damages and compensation (excluding costs).


We offer a free one hour interview for preliminary advice.  Thereafter our fees depend upon the work necessarily completed on your behalf.  This includes taking your instructions; interviewing your witness(es); advising upon your issues of Liability and Quantum; formulating your claim for presentation to your opponent or their Insurer.

As with all types of Litigation, our fees are dependent upon the amount of work carried out by us on your behalf at our specified hourly rates.  Click here for information on our hourly rates.

These rates are in line with rates laid out by the Supreme Court Taxing Office and are similar to that which your opponent will be expected to pay if you are successful in your claim.

In certain claims we may be prepared to act for you under a Conditional Fee Agreement but this is not guaranteed and you should discuss this with our representative at the initial interview.  A guide to the likely cost of disbursements (court costs, Expert’s fees etc.) can also be given at that interview.


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